Rockstar (stfuplzthx) wrote in janitorial,

Funny thing...

So I was walking along the other day thinking of the usual, the new shipment of toilet paper and cleaning solutions. You know, the stuff dreams are made of.
Anyway, i was walking along day dreaming when a kid I like to call Little Pig Fucker, because he looks like Jim Fornham (and we all know what Jim Fornham does in his spare time *laugh*), well he came up to me and looked up at me with his pick fucker eyes that just screamed "I'm al little asshole that gets molested by his father!" But that's beside the point.
Anyway, the kid, he tells me "Mr. Janitor?" and I just about thumped him upside the head. I have a name you little shit I restrained and he continued. "I made a doody"
"Well good for you, son" Says I "I'm sure it's the first in many to come." I began to walk off.
"Wait" he said softly.
"I... I made a doody on the kitty"

And then, as if on cue, the school mascot, Mr. Jinglheimer, walks by with the biggest fuckin turd you ever saw. I mean it was giGANTIC. Usually I would have a)cleaned the shit off the cat, or b) ran a pitchfork into this kids face, but I just sat there mezmerized. How in the hell could such a large log have come out of such a tiny ass hole? I decided that some thingws are best left unpondered and I told the boy it would be all right. That's when I took a shovel to his ass. The End.
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